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Welcome to Art Telecom. Information about telecommunications in Senegal. Various broadband initiatives have been launched and the number of African countries offering commercial ADSL reached 21 in 2005. Wireless access technologies are increasingly being used as a substitute for poor or non-existing fixed-line infrastructures.
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(Telecompaper) Huawei has unveiled its latest flagship smartphones, the Mate 30 series, in Munich. The 'second-generation' 5G phones will launch later this year in Europe. They come with Huawei's own apps store and the new Huawei Assistant, as the Chinese company looks to offer its own services to replace the usual Google offering on Android phones.  

(Telecompaper) Deutsche Telekom will take over the responsibility for corporate telecom clients of its subsidiary T-Systems, which in turn will focus on IT and digital services, Reuters reported. T-Systems will be "an integrated end-to-end IT player and reliable enabler for our clients' digitisation," CEO Adel Al-Saleh told staff. The CEO has the task of restructuring the firm, reducing the number of employees in Germany by 6,000, closing most local offices and hiring 3,000 offshore staff. In total, around 30,000 employees will serve 1,000 clients, while top-line revenues will reach EUR 4 billion, down from EUR 7 billion last year. 

(Telecompaper) The cloud monitoring specialist Datadog has raised USD 648 million in an initial public offering of shares on the Nasdaq market in New York. The 24 million shares were priced at USD 27 each, above the original indicated range of USD 19-22. The underwriters have a 30-day option to purchase up to 3.6 million additional shares. 

(Telecompaper) VodafoneZiggo passed a 30 percent share of revenues for the first time since Vodafone and Ziggo merged in 2017 to create a new challenger to KPN. The company's share rose 2.3 percent points over the past year, while KPN dropped by 2.7 points to just over 46 percent of revenues in Q2.

(Telecompaper) Comcast is moving further away from its traditional cable TV business with a new offer for a free Xfinity Flex media player with its internet-only subscriptions. The Flex box was launched earlier this year at USD 5 per month and gives customers access to a wide range of OTT services and apps as well as free content. 

(Telecompaper) Swiss operator Sunrise has opened up its 5G network to home and office customers. Customers can opt for 5G for their fixed broadband service and also use the mobile network as a replacement for fixed telephony and TV services. Sunrise will offer 5G automatically in areas where the fixed network is slow. 

(Telecompaper) Facebook has updated its Portal smart display for video calls, first launched a year ago. The new range includes a mini version of the display and a TV set-top box, to turn the TV set into a home for video calls. In addition, the company is expanding sales of the devices beyond North America, to the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. 

(Telecompaper) Comcast's media arm NBCUniversal has announced it will launch its own subscription streaming service in April 2020, called Peacock. The name refers to the peacock logo used by broadcaster NBC. The service will build on the media group's own archive, with programmes such as The Office and Parks and Recreation, and live events such as the rights to the Olympics in the US, late night entertainment shows and wide news output. 

(Telecompaper) According to Docomo, the ability to deploy and interconnect base station equipment from different vendors will make it possible to select the equipment most suitable for deployment in any given environment, such as base stations offering broad coverage in rural areas or small base stations that can be deployed in urban areas where space is limited. This is expected to alow more rapid expansion of 5G coverage.

(Telecompaper) Amazon has announced the launch of a new high quality tier for its Music subscription service to compete with rival lossless audio streaming players including Tidal, Deezer and Qobuz. The new plan, dubbed Amazon Music HD, lets customers stream more than 50 million songs in High Definition (HD) audio and millions of songs in Ultra HD (UHD), described as the highest quality streaming audio available. HD audio is defined as 16-bit files with sample rates of 44.1kHz and above, while UHD has a depth of 24 bits and a sample rate of 96 kHz to 192 kHz.

VoIP - Voice over internet

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is like a phone just connected to the internet, where is use a protocol optimized for the transmission of voice through the Internet or other packet switched networks.

VoIP is also known as IP Telephony, Internet telephony, Broadband telephony, Broadband Phone and Voice over Broadband.

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Internet Usage Statistics:
 540,000 Internet users as of September, 2006;
 4.9% of the population, according to ITU. ©