IP phone - Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP

IP phone - Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP is getting more and more popular with each passing day – thanks to the cost efficiencies that it can bring about in the organizations going in for the switch from traditional telephone systems to IP telephony. As a matter of fact, the business opportunities in the domain of VoIP reselling cannot be denied any longer. However, potential resellers need to understand certain factors before jumping into the reselling bandwagon. They should be aware of the interplay of different factors that motivate a customer to make that all important decision in favor of voice over IP. A basic understanding of the causes behind the failure of several startup companies in VoIP reselling could be of help. It always pays to enter the highly volatile domain of IP telephony armed with all this knowledge.

Why VoIP

Why VoIP?

Introducing Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as VoIP. VoIP can ensure that you’re never too far away to be near to a loved one. Most people feel that with reduced costs in phone usage, it can be an advantage, especially in the business world. If you have come across any of these while at work, you have a definite reason to start using VoIP: "I make long-distance and international calls that are not cheap and would like to reduce costs.", "It cost a lot to talk to my girlfriend staying in Canada.", "I am frustrated with taxes and long-distance company monopolies."

Reducing or eliminating long distance and local toll charges helps in such cases. Let’s face it – if we can reduce our costs in one area, we can use the money saved in another area. It is about making the best we can get from the little resources we have. There are also lower maintenance charges to worry about because physical moves, additions and changes can be handled centrally in an IP-based network.