Lower Videophone Prices Allow Individuals Accessibility

VoIP service providers are now offering videophone at the lowest price we've seen on the VoIP service market. The tremendous drop in prices will see more individuals and SMB's investing in this affordable futuristic way of communicating.

VoIP services are fast becoming the way to communicate worldwide and with the recent drop in videophone and service plan prices many individuals will be able to get a taste of the future at cost-effective prices. Today's videophone offers more clarity than ever before and at a lower cost.

The videophone has become popular for conferencing with geographically challenged offices in real-time and for lawyer firms in taking depositions. I expect to see more videophones in offices in the next few months and individuals adding videophones as a practical conversational communication option to there current telcom arsenal.

Watch for the VoIP service field to grow in great leaps and bounds in the next year along with more important features being established such as emergency 911 and 411 services. The last few weeks have seen the FCC take a closer look at the VoIP industry, along with other consumer groups which is a plus for consumers. Consumers should see the lower level providers fade away and the tier 1 VoIP providers battle it out for the best technology and lowest price plans. Some providers have already added a Regulatory Recovery Fee to cover the cost of the new obligations being imposed on the VoIP providers, but, don't expect prices to go up much. VoIP services are still the most economical way of communicating today.

So, go out and enjoy the VoIP services and try out the videophones at affordable prices.

Scott Sowle

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